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Do I qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Do I qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Depeding on your medical history and current health status, you may be qualified for having gastric bypass surgery. There are different factors involved to determine if you are qualified to have gastric bypass surgery. Such as your medical history, current health status are the main factors. In the end, your surgeon will make the final decision after series of your consultations. If there is no medical objection from your surgeon’s end it means you qualify for gastric bypass surgery. First of all, let’s understand what the gastric bypass surgery is and who can benefit from it.

Gastric bypass surgery is performed as a weight loss, bariatric surgery, surgery. It was one of the most popular surgical operations for weight loss 5 years ago. It can be said that gastric sleeve surgery is now more popular than gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass is performed while creating a passageway as a shortcut is created from the stomach to the intestines. It is a method used to surgically treat various diseases that obstruct the stomach’s outlet. Gastric Bypass, in the sense used in obesity surgery, gastric bypass surgery is a method in which most of the stomach is disabled without removing it from the body and the food consumed is digested by using almost only half of the intestines. Gastric bypass surgery generally is applied as a second surgery (revision surgery) in patients who regain weight after having a gastric sleeve surgery. It can also be applied to all patients who have previously undergone gastric band, gastric folding, or vertical gastroplasty. Gastric surgery can be performed on patients who have a health issue of obesity who cannot lose weight or who have complaints such as insulin resistance and joint discomfort due to excess weight. Gastric Bypass Surgery can be performed as a closed surgery through laparoscopic methods.

To have gastric bypass surgery with CK Health Turkey, you should qualify for gastric bypass surgery. The decision of it will be finalized by our health professionals and surgeons. If there is no medical obstacle for you to have gastric bypass surgery you will be scheduled for your surgery in Turkey/Antalya. At the first stage of your journey, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your eligibility. You will be asked about your weight and height for BMI Calculation along with information about cigarette or alcohol usage (if any), and any metabolic illnesses, how often you sweat and have shortness of breath when you exercise, and such. Once you are registered to our hospital, you will be asked to provide a covid-19 test before anything else. Usually, it will take 24 hours to get the covid-19 test results. While waiting for the covid-19 test result, you will be asked to provide blood samples for testing. The next day you will have consultations with our group of surgeons to have a much more detailed examination to determine your eligibility further for your surgery. During the day you will provide a heart graph and lungs x-ray for further examination. Once your test results come positive for your to have gastric bypass surgery, you will have an endoscopy to take a closer look at your stomach which only takes 15 minutes. Keep in mind that sedation is used during endoscopy. Then, you will be visited by our surgeon with the results to inform you further about the surgical procedure and if you need the same surgery or a different type of surgery. The reasoning will be provided with all the test results collected during your stay at the hospital. In case your covid-19 test results come positive you will be quarantined for around 10 days. Once quarantine is over you will be tested once again. Afterwards, you can safely have your surgery. Any type of necessary last-minute changes will be scheduled by CK HealthTurkey while your comfort is in mind. Gastric bypass surgery generally takes between 1 to 2 hours of operation time but the total hours of you being in the operating room can be around 4 hours. Remember that in any case after you leave the operation room you will feel that you are freezing. This sensation is perfectly normal and will pass after around 30 minutes later. Once you are discharged from the hospital we will provide you the prescribed medication and how to use them. After getting a rest in Turkey for couple of days, you will be sent back to your home. After that we will continue to be in contact for your check ups.

Now, you know all the details about the gastric bypass surgery and how to determine your eligibility for gastric bypass surgery. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact CK Health Turkey.

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