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How CK Health Turkey Assists You?

  • You contact us through e-mail, social media accounts or by leaving an e-form and one of our consultants will be ready to assist you with planning your treatmeant.
  • Your consultation is taken within the assistance of CK Health Turkey consultants, your medical history and further details is provided depending on the treatmeant that will be recieved. A conference call with your surgeon prior to your arrival if necessary by your consultant.
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed by our health proffessionals for your treatmeant inquiry, the details of your all inclusive healthcare package are provided.
  • In order to confirm your rezervation after recieving the details of your all inclusive healthcare plan, by simply providing your Ck Health Turkey consultant with your flight tickets or by providing a representative deposit. Once your rezervation is finilazed your transfers are arranged, accomadation,consultations and treatmeant date are booked.
  • The day of your arrival to Antalya International Airport you will be greeted by Ck Health Turkey field team members and further information is provided regarding your schedule.
  • Ck Health Turkey field team, our private nurses along with your surgeon and with the support of the hospital staff will accompany you throughout your journey and further.
  • Aftercare and regular checkups are provided by Ck Health Turkey Consultants to ensure your healing process is completed.

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