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How many hours does Gastric Sleeve Surgery take? – Gastric Sleeve in Turkey – Costs – Prices

How many hours does Gastric Sleeve Surgery take?

Through CK Health Turkey Official website you can ask to get your free consultation in order to have your price quote. Below there are some of the most frequently asked questions especially when the patient decides to have the same in Turkey.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a stomach reduction surgery that takes approximately an hour. But the total hours of gastric sleeve operation can take approximately up to 5 hours. The duration of the operation can depend on many variables; the main variables are the anesthesia, and the medical history of the patient, experience of the surgeon, the quality of materials used. Bear in mind that your awakening after your gastric sleeve surgery has an effect on the speed up your your healing process. Do not forget, the Body Mass Index of the patient is a major factor for bariatric surgeries. Therefore, contrary to what is known by the public, we recommend that candidates for surgery should get information from medical professionals and dieticians and be aware of all the information.

How much weight can I lose with Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

During gastric sleeve surgery stomach reduction is performed while preserving the physical shape of the stomach itself. Also, ghrelin hormones which are also known as hunger hormones removed. Thus if the patient strictly follows their diet and exercises regularly can lose weight quickly especially in the first month after their operation. The liquid nutrition plan is started to be followed by the patient in the first 15 days after gastric bypass surgery, with the soft food diet started on the 16th day, and patients who have completed their first months tend to lose between 10 to 15% of their excess weight. Keep in mind that weight loss can be a different experience for all patients as everyone has a unique metabolism.

During your weight loss journey, you may experience intermittent pauses, but it should be remembered that people without surgery will reach their ideal weight at the end of the first year. This only applies when the patients follow their diet plan strictly and exercise regularly.

What is my age limit for gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgeries are applied to people between the ages of 18 and 65, and an operation decision is made in these people according to all controls and examination results. In this respect, clearer results can be obtained with the relevant examinations in individuals who are over the age of 18, as the induced weight gain stops. In this context, it should be said that the excess weight gained before and after adolescence is of different types. It is known that especially the excess weight gained before, may require a special application different from the treatments applied for the period. The weight gain after adolescence, on the other hand, includes situations that develop regardless of the health status of the person compared to before adolescence. After the relevant examinations for the weight gained after adolescence, it has been proven that different application methods can be applied considering the factor in giving puberty. During this procedure you should be informed thoroughly and completely.

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