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How Much Reduction can be possible in Breast Reduction Surgery? – Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey – Costs – Prices

How much reduction can be possible in Breast Reduction Surgery

CK Health is here to help you with managing your breast reduction surgery process; including and not limited to prices and the details of your all inclusive healthcare plan. You can contact CK Health Turkey for any questions and further details today.

Below, you will find the details of breast reduction surgery that is asked frequently.

Before the surgical application of breast reduction, the patient’s entire body should be evaluated. The shoulder widths of the people, the bone structure of the rib cage, the structure of the ribs, the width of the waist and hips will help to create the feminine contour with the shape that is planned to be provided to the breasts. The expectations of the patients from breast reduction surgery should be realistic and should reveal the aesthetic image as naturally and completely. The main goal of breast reduction surgery is to obtain a breast that has volume symmetry besides the wishes of the person and that will fit all body contours of the patient. Breast reduction surgery’s main goal is to elevate a patient’s quality of life through reducing or diminishing patient’s back pain due to large breasts.

Who is eligible to have a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Patients who have back or neck pain; those whose breasts are enlarged than normal; whose nipples are sagging downward due to large breasts; those who have a difference in volume between two breasts can have breast reduction surgery. But keep in mind that the first two parameters are checked before anything else. If there is a medical reason, the breast reduction surgery can be postponed to a near future or can be rejected until the patient’s health is elevated. For example, if the patient is a heavy smoker and has consumption of alcohol in large amounts can be rejected as they can easily interfere with the healing process and complicate the plastic surgery.

Is it possible to breast to grow again after my Breast Reduction Surgery?

If the patient gains excessive weight after breast reduction surgery or goes through the pregnancy process, there may be growth in the breasts naturally. For this reason, it is necessary for people to pay attention to their lifestyle after this surgical operation in order to preserve the results of the surgery for long term.

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