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What is Breast Lift Surgery? – Breast Lift Surgery Turkey – Costs – Prices

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery that is most commonly prefferred surgery all around the world for cosmetic reasons. In order to receive your rightly priced all inclusive healthcare plan, you can contact CK Health Turkey directly.

Below, you will find useful information about breast lift surgery that is complete and through.

Breast lift surgery operations that are similar in principle to breast reduction surgeries. The main occupation in breast lift surgeries is excessive, sagging skin tissue in the breast. The sagging nipples are shaped to get a more upright and fuller breast outlook that is natural.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take?

In general breast lift surgery takes around 2 hours for the patient.

Are there any scars left after my Breast Lift Surgery?

One of the biggest issues that has been asked about breast lift surgery is whether there are any post-operative scars left. As with any surgical operation, breast lift surgery also leaves scarring. While the scars are more pronounced and red in the early stage of your healing process, they become less visible over time and become barely visible once the healing process is finalized.

What are the points to consider before my Breast Lift Surgery?

Before having a breast lift surgery, smoking should be stopped completely and excessive consumption of herbal products should be avoided, and if there is an active soft tissue disease, its treatment should be finalized beforehand.

What are the associated risks of Breast Lift Surgery?

As with any surgical operation, breast lift also has associated risks. Even if counter-measures are taken against all of these possible risks, unforeseen situations may arise, but the interventions can be made on the spot to overcome.

The most common risk observed is bleeding in the first 24 hours after the surgical operation round the operated area. This may occur in approximately 1-2 of every 100 patients that is low chance. If there is bleeding, the amount of this bleeding is monitored and if it is predicted that it will not regress, discharge is performed with a short operation performed at the same night. This situation does not affect the final aesthetic condition, but it means to have an operation under additional anesthesia.

Another most common complications in the early weeks are wound infections and healing issues in stitches. This situation is more common where the vertical track joins the horizontal track and where the tension at its highest.

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