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What is Obesity Surgery? – Obesity Surgery in Turkey – Costs – Prices

What is obesity Surgery

Obesity, which is a serious health problem, can be corrected with a treatment that includes medical nutrition, exercise, behavior change therapy, drug therapy and surgery. In most of the cases, patient decides to have an obesity surgery in Turkey. CK Health Turkey is here to offer you assistance when it comes to prices and package details of your all inclusive heathcare plan. As getting an obesity surgery is an crucial step and needed to be decided with the right choices. You can contact CK Health Turkey for any of your questions and price details through our contact details.

Obesity is considered a disease that changes the duration and quality of life that develops with excessive accumulation of fat in the body, accompanied by many problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Weight gain in the development of obesity, repeated failure to lose weight through diet and sports have paved the way for surgical treatment. Surgical treatment has shown sufficient effectiveness in eliminating complications associated with obesity, completely improving and preventing new problems associated with obesity. In people who suffer from obesity, positive results such as relaxation in movements, increased self-confidence, and psychological well-being occur.

As research has shown, permanent treatment of morbid obesity with medication, diet or behavior change is not very possible. Each failed experience with diets negatively affects the psychology of the obese person and causes damage to the metabolism by restoring more of the lost weight each time.

A multidisciplinary method should be applied to treat morbid obesity. Healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, lifestyle changes, pharmacological treatment are the main methods used for morbid obesity. If weight loss cannot be achieved by these methods, surgical treatment should be considered.

Studies have influenced the development and spread of obesity surgery. The expected result in obesity surgery is that the patient loses excess weight, does not regain the lost weight and improves the morbidity caused by obesity and has positive effects. The most commonly used methods of bariatric surgery are Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon and Sleeve Gastrectomy. Since these surgical methods are usually performed laparoscopically, there are fewer incisions, less pain, and faster recovery.

Although weight loss occurs with diet and exercise, the vast majority of patients gain weight again in a short time. It has been concluded that changing the diet before surgery will allow patients to adapt more to the diet in the post-operative period and help maintain their desired weight.

How effective are my other medical problems on my obesity surgery and how much do they affect the risk?

Health related issues such as serious heart and lung diseases raises the chances of complication of any different type of surgery. On the other hand, if these health issues are caused by the patient’s weight, they also determine which type of bariatric surgery that the patient will get the most out of. Patient’s serious medical problems will not prevent their surgeon from recommending gastric bypass surgery, given the benefits of surgery, and if they do not pose a risk above the average risk. If the mentioned risks are too high, then the patient might be asked to lose weight first to lessen them.

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