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What is the purpose of tests and scans before Bariatric Surgery? – Bariatric Surgery in Turkey – Costs – Prices

What is the purpose of tests and scans before Bariatric Surgery

Prices, the quality of the materials, the surgeon who is highly experienced in a sanitized environment are the main variables that determine the prices. On the official website of CK Health Turkey you can receive reliable and complete information.

Below, you can understand better about the reasons why patients should go through when getting a bariatric surgery.

To determine your health status precisely and accurately before surgery. The best way to avoid complications is to prevent them without them occurring. It is important to know your thyroid functions before surgery, as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can cause sudden death after surgery.

If you have diabetes, additional treatments will definitely be required to control your blood sugar levels. Since high blood sugar also causes vascular damage and cardiac stress, a more detailed assessment of your heart functions may be required. Other tests allow so that abnormalities can be deceted such as liver failure, respiratory problems, and excessive fluid accumulation in tissues, electrolyte imbalances, or abnormally high levels of fat in the circulation.

Why do I need to have an endoscopy for my Bariatric Surgery?

People who have obesity issue, diseases such as hiatal hernia, stomach hernia, gastroesophageal reflux or ulcer are common and may not cause any symptoms. It is crucial to know these abnormalities in advance, as they will affect the stages of the surgery and to determine the appropriate treatment for the patient. This will also determine the length of the patient’s healing process.

Why do I need to have a Sleep Test for my Bariatric Surgery?

The sleep test allows us to detect abnormal breathing during sleep, ie obstructive sleep apnea. This is due to airway blockage that occurs when the pharynx relax. Sedative and even narcotic medications will be given for pain relief after surgery. These drugs normally suppress breathing and reflexes. An undetected airway blockage can be even more dangerous under the influence of these drugs. For this reason, it is imperative that your anesthesiologist and surgeon know exactly the severity of your respiratory problem and warn the nurse support who will follow up you about possible problems and precautions.

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